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Project Management

A sound business strategy is essential for a company’s success. Project Management is an art that helps you succeed where companies often fail – in implementation and execution. We will advise and help you execute your complex initiatives so that you are able to achieve the desired results ...Read more

Corporate & Personal Training

We at Pioneer Institutes, offer a wide range of training programs in the field of Information Technology, Database Technology, Project Management, Soft Skills and many others. It is managed by a team of highly trained and talented professionals who have more than 20 years of combined I.T. and ...Read more

Audit and Security Assessment

Our Promasecure Consulting team provides you with the expertise and the analysis to help you enhance your IT security posture, reduce your information security risk, facilitate compliance requirements and improve your overall operational efficiency.We have helped a variety of customers’ design their strategic ... Read more

IT Security & Consulting

Our Promasecure Consulting team offers a full range of specialized consulting services which revolve around IT security and risk management. Our consultants and security experts help organizations comply with internal governance rules and external regulatory requirements, ensure that their network and critical IT assets are protected and that their staff is fully equipped to address internal and external threats ...Read more

Software Application Development

Our software engineering process collects and translates business requirements into imaginative technology solutions that become reality with custom software development. Our Promasoft software application development services deliver efficient, reliable and customized software systems including core business applications and back-office IT solutions. We also have our own customized ERP solution ...Read more

Technical Project Services

Our Imperial Project & Services group specializes in Electronic Security Systems Residential and Commercial Automation. We pride ourselves on completing projects on time and on budget while exceeding quality standards. We aim to bring products and services with innovative ideas to conquer the market with its usability and utility. We sell, install & maintain a range of top line security equipment from the market leaders, ...Read more

Automation Services

Our Proma Power team consists of experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled profressionals, who have a unique ability to comprehend, distinguish and act in response to both the operational and the business requirements of utility energy market in the world. We provide prompt, speedy and efficient support to develop, implement and deliver innovative solutions for power system control and substation automation systems.Set up by qualified ...Read more

Human Resource Management

IHRC's integrated HR consulting services align talent with organizational objectives. Our workforce solutions, and training and development services help increase employee engagement, improve performance, and reduce turnover. Our workforce transition services help employees move on to new positions that match their individual goals, expertise and experience. IHRC will partner with your company to develop customized programs that are responsive, insightful, relevant, and timely ...Read more

Web and Mobile Applications

Whether you are developing a web,mobile and a business application, selecting the right platform and technology is integral to the success of your mobile application. We at Olive Creative Studio, deliver unparalleled web development solutions to fit each of our customers’ unique business requirements and strategies. Our web development processes fit perfectly with high demand web applications and mobile technologies to ensure you get highly customized functionality ... Read more

Infrastructure Devolepment

Our Mizpah team has benchmarked infrastructure development in India through innovative structuring of projects in the Public Private Partnership format. Over the past decade, Mizpah has not only taken forward and completed a number of project initiatives across an array of infrastructure sub-sectors, but has also established replicable project prototypes as well as specific products and services ...Read more

Designing & Branding

Times have changed. Brands must operate in a multi-channel world where competition is fiercer than ever before and people’s needs are constantly evolving. This colourful kaleidoscopic world presents brands with more opportunities than ever to really engage. To do this, brands must be stronger, broader and deeper. We at Olive Creative Studio wouldn’t have it any other way and would love to help ...Read more

Advertisement & Event Management

Our wide variety of management services is just one part of our range of expertise in event planning. As a one stop event planner, we keep ahead of the increasing competition by focusing on our clients’ needs. We are as good at keeping to budget as we are at delivering excellent service and unforgettable events. This is one of the qualities that make us so popular with our clients.Our Branch, Olive Creative Studio ...Read more





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