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About Our Company

Project Management Technology & Services LLC (PROMATAS) is a group of companies that was established in 2005. For enterprises that understand the critical functions of their systems, we at PROMATAS offer them consulting at all levels in IT Management and Engineering Services.

At PROMATAS, we are proud of our constitutional ethos of providing excellence in everything we do. We believe in having a positive and supportive environment which helps in bringing out the best from our workforce. We love to be creative and innovative in the way we work and we relish new challenges. We love to surprise with innovative ideas which is why we will not be easily satisfied until every possibility has been considered.

We approach every client with an open mind and listen to what they have to say. We want them to know that they get the best services and value of money. We ensure that each project is attended to with exceptional quality with every member of the staff being accountable to each other.As technology progresses, we at PROMATAS keep moving along with the times, leaving no room for complacency.


“We at PROMATAS offer a broad range of services to meet the needs of our clients by fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional growth and a passion for the firm’s core values. We will continue to be recognized as a leader in the community – known for delivering timely and quality professional services through a multi-disciplinary approach.”


“Our vision at PROMATAS is to be internationally recognized as the professional service organization that accomplished the ultimate balance between outstanding client service, a focus on family and the financial success of the firm. We plan on accomplishing this by creating a culture of pride and passion that will enable us to continue attracting and retaining the best and brightest professionals, who will be rewarded, recognized and respected for their contributions to a firm that is founded on shared core values.”


“We at PROMATAS, make decisions for our employees and our customers, based on our core values of Quality, Innovation, Excellence, Respect and Trust. We take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to dealing with people’s personal information. Our values are not abstract, intangible beliefs. AT PROMATAS, our values are what we expect from each other and underpin everything we do.”



  • To overcome obstacles and get the job done
  • To achieve personal and team goals.
  • To play a part and take pride in upholding PROMATAS’ reputation.



  • To actively look for better ways to do things
  • To find fresh solutions to problems
  • To turn new ideas into clear and effective improvements



  • Always constructive when giving or receiving feedback
  • Transparent in dealings with others; colleagues or clients
  • Truthful in all commitments and statements



  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Support and encourage those you deal with
  • Accept the need for other skills and disciplines besides your own



  • Share information, knowledge and experience selflessly
  • Understand the mutual benefits of working in a team and a community
  • Keep an open mind and consciously listen to others



  • Encourage innovation throughout our businesses
  • Enable our people to achieve their full potential
  • Share knowledge and ideas to develop market-leading products and services


OUR History

  • First Step May 2005
    The company started its operations in Muscat, Oman
  • Second Step 2007
    The company alliance with two companies, Intellesecure and PMRI.
  • Third Step 2009
    The company created new groups related to IT & Management Solutions.
  • Fourth Step 2014 - Present
    The company added operational regions in India and the USA.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to advancing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, systems and initiatives across all areas of our businesses with a particular emphasis on ethical behaviour, employee welfare, health and safety, care for the environment and community involvement.

Being responsible is second nature to us, and we, at PROMATAS make great efforts to run a progressive, supportive and safe business for our employees, our customers and our communities. Our Corporate Responsibility Strategy covers four key areas and these are taken into consideration when key business decisions are made and the Board receives regular reports during the year on these areas too.

In support of our core values of integrity, excellence, care, teamwork and commitment, we aim to conduct our businesses to the highest ethical standards of practice and legal principles, and our employees and business partners are expected to demonstrate high standards of professionalism and integrity at all times. We at PROMATAS have implemented a code of business conduct and ethics, including a whistle-blowing policy, covering the whole of the business and our various stakeholder interests. This is regularly reviewed and reiterated to staff and business partners.

As a business driven largely by technical development and innovation, our main assets lie in the talent and skills of our people. We aim to attract, retain and motivate the highest calibre of employees by encouraging and rewarding high performance through competitive remuneration and incentives. We at PROMATAS continue to be a People-accredited employer, committed to providing learning and development opportunities for our employees. Formal performance reviews are conducted annually, with two-way communication being actively encouraged.

We are committed to providing equal opportunity to all existing and prospective employees. We are supportive of the employment and advancement of disabled workers, giving full and fair consideration to job applications and making appropriate arrangements for the training and career development of existing employees.

We at PROMATAS aim to be an active employer and a responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate. Our highly active social committee coordinates company-wide social and sports events and supports and promotes charitable initiatives undertaken by individuals, teams or departments.




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